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by 1300dumpIT on May 14, 2017

Household SkipIf you have an upcoming cleanup project around the house or in the office, you would need a suitable household skip to gather the expected waste that you would accumulate. Household skips are great for domestic or office cleanups as they have the right size and dimensions for your household waste. You can also use household skips on occasions such as moving to a new house or office, home remodeling and regular home clean outs.

Hiring Household Skips Services

Doing a household cleanout can produce unsightly piles of waste. Using household skips is one of the best ways to clear away various types of waste after a cleanup process. These would include soil, sheeting, roofing tiles, plastic, kitchen waste, glass, food, fertilizers, fabric, electronic waste, concrete rubble, clothing, chemical cleaners and bricks.

Since each household cleanup varies with every project, it is essential to use a suitable household skip that can help you in managing even the heaviest hauls. Our company, 1300dumpIT, has the widest range of skip bins available for hire so you can stop worrying about the skip and start enjoying the benefits of using appropriately sized skip bins for your household waste.

Get a Free Quote

No matter how often you intend to have a cleanup project in your household, there is always a skip that would match your needs. Get a free quote from 1300dumpIT when you need to hire a household skip for the following projects and accumulated waste types.

  1. Home DIY projects
  2. Replacement heating, plumbing or electrical waste
  3. Greenhouse, shed or conservatory demolition
  4. Installation of new windows or roof
  5. Home decorating waste
  6. Bathroom refits
  7. Kitchen refits
  8. Garden clearances
  9. Landscape gardening waste
  10. Furniture removal
  11. House clearances

Hazardous Waste Types

Just as there are a number of waste items that are allowed for a household skip, you should understand that certain waste types are deemed as hazardous. Therefore, it is but natural to prohibit the disposal of these items using a household skip.

The following are considered as hazardous waste items:

  1. Oil, fuel and other automotive fluids
  2. Liquids
  3. Asbestos
  4. Paints
  5. Aerosols and other gas canisters
  6. Plaster boards
  7. Solvents
  8. Tyres
  9. Batteries
  10. Electrical appliances
  11. Freezers
  12. Fridges
  13. Airconditioners
  14. Fluorescent light tubes

Environmental Friendly Service

Our team at 1300dumpIT vows to adhere to the local government’s environmental policy by taking your waste to an accredited recycling facility. Here, each waste is sorted and recyclables are recovered. We support in the move to minimize the waste that goes to landfills and to protect the environment through waste recycling and proper waste handling.

To find out more on our household skips hiring service, just call us at 1300 386 748 and talk to our friendly customer service team. Get the chance to receive a free and non-obligation quote for whatever skip types you need in your cleanup project.

You can also find more information on our site where you can be guided about the various skip bins and vehicles that we can provide with the skip hiring service. Use our online form and we will definitely send a reply as soon as we can.

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