Industrial Skip Bins

by 1300dumpIT on May 6, 2017

Waste comes in varying volumes and sizes. Whatever type of waste you need to dispose, there is always a skip bin that would match it. Industrial skip bins are perfect for large projects that need special waste disposal means. Usually, this type of skip bin is appropriate in locations where access is not a problem and when there’s a huge volume of waste that has to be disposed quickly and more efficiently.

Hiring skip bins for your industrial waste can definitely help in improving the appearance of your business for the benefit of your customers. It can also help in creating extra parking or storage space which can lead to a cleaner and safer working environment for your employees.

Choosing The Right Bin Size

If you are renovating or remodeling your office or simply refitting your shop or business, our team at 1300dumpIT can assist you with our industrial skip bin hiring services. We offer industrial waste removal in a fast, professional and reliable manner and take pride in our decades of service in the industry.

We have a multitude of skip bins in varying sizes that will surely meet your commercial or industrial waste disposal needs. We also have a fleet of trucks that are built with great features which make them ideal for all types of waste disposal and collection.

In choosing the right bin size, some of the things you should consider would include the types of waste that you are expecting to accumulate, the size of property involved in the industrial renovation project and the accessibility of the location where the renovation will take place.

Useful Tips In Using a Skip Bin

Getting the right skip bin for your renovation project is just the first part to ensure a successful waste removal. Making the most out of hiring a skip bin can be achieved once you understand the right and wrong ways of using a skip.

First, you need to make sure that each bin is filled only up to the level top of the bin and therefore should not go beyond or higher. You can do this by applying the same principle found in the term “water level.”

Next, you should avoid placing fibro sheeting and asbestos in the bin. If you need to dispose these items, you can use a bin that is specifically designed for asbestos removal and that a liner has also been made available for use.

Third, remember not to place items such as gas bottles, batteries, tyres and liquids (chemicals, paint, etc.) in the bin.

Hiring Industrial Skip Bins

Our team at 1300dumpIT can definitely help you in disposing your industrial waste with the use of our various skip bins and trucks. We can accommodate any hire terms to help you in completing the job at your preferred schedule and timing.

For a free and non-obligation quote on our services, just call us at 1300 386 748 and our friendly customer service team will be more than glad to assist you with your industrial waste disposal needs. You can also opt to use our online form available on the site so we can get your details and reach you as soon as possible.

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