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by 1300dumpIT on April 28, 2017

Sulo BinsSerious waste disposal requires strong and reliable garbage bins that are designed to last for many years. Companies in the rubbish collection and disposal industry rely on sturdy and robust garbage bins to satisfy customers and to provide a dependable waste collection service.

Types of Sulo Bins

Whatever purpose you have in using a Sulo bin, you can always find the right shape and design to match your needs. Some of the available Sulo bins in the market would include the dog waste bin, Sulo mgb (mobile garbage bin) 360, Sulo mgb 660, Sulo mgb 1100, Sulo mgb 120, Sulo mgb 240 and pole mounted bin. Colors can range from red, blue, and green. They come in either 2-wheeled or 4-wheeled variety.

Office Recycling Range

Offices, schools and universities can take advantage of Sulo’s office recycling range that is made up of a large number of varying containers and recycling stations. You can find 4-bin stations in color coded designs for a systematic and organized waste management in the office.

Advantages of Using Sulo Bins

If you’re disposing a large amount of documents, Sulo bins are built with modern features that offer security and other modern waste keeping capabilities. Apart from these features, there are several advantages brought by using a Sulo bin of your choice.

1. Sulo bins are safe and easy to handle.
2. Sulo bins are versatile and usually come with a comprehensive range of accessories.
3. Sulo bins are built with a moulded paper slot which allows easy documents disposal.
4. Sulo bins come fitted with a lock for securing the lid which can be used with a key for manual operation.
5. Sulo bins have external wheels that provide a good amount of stability.
6. Sulo bins are easy to manipulate or manoeuvre.
7. Sulo bins are suitable for all DIN lifting equipment.
8. Sulo bins are designed with special ribs which help in preventing jammed containers when they are being stacked.
9. Sulo bins are compatible with most identification and weighing systems.
10. Sulo bins have double angle rail to ensure safety when you are emptying the bins.
11. Sulo bins comply with quality requirements of EN840 and AS4123.

Recycling Services

Sulo is one of those manufacturers that support and promote recycling in their products. When you need to dispose your old Sulo bin, you can take advantage of the company’s buyback program. The company will accept your old bins and recycle it in order to produce new high quality rubbish bins.

Sulo uses recycled material of up to 40 percent in their lineup of bins.

No More Bins Ending Up in Landfill

With the company’s recycling service, old and unwanted bins are definitely prevented from being sent to landfills. It also discourages old bins stockpiling which results in storage elimination. This promotes saving costs and gaining OH&S benefits.

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