Where can you dump garbage in Sydney? Skips, Dumps and Rubbish Removal

by 1300dumpIT on October 11, 2012

Where is the garbage dump in SydneyCollecting junk and making garbage is easy; it requires very little effort and can sometimes happen in a single day. Getting rid of it however, is a whole different ball game. Whether you’re moving house or having a spring clean, we’ve all ended up in the circumstances where we have mounds of garbage, and have absolutely no idea what to do with it. You may have, what seems like hundreds of black bags that the council won’t pick up, some kaput garden furniture, an old couch and a collection of old electronic goods. What do you do next?

Take it to the local Sydney Garbage Dump

Your first option could be to load up your car and take your garbage down to your local dump yourself. This might be practical if you have a trailer that can hold your large furniture items, not so great if you have a fairly new car and pristine seats that you really don’t want to scratch with old pieces of wood, furniture and other waste. Why not give yourself a break, you’ve just cleared out your entire house, you don’t want to be spending whatever energy and time you have left on lugging your garbage to the dump, do you? Garbage dumps are not cheap in Sydney so it also pays to do a little homework to work out the best value solution before you decide what to do.

Where is the local Garbage Dump in Sydney?

Garbage dumps these days are a little different to how they used to be and are spread out, and unless you’re already aware of one close by – it will probably be fair trek to your closest one. The key to finding them is to know what they are called these days, in the old days the garbage dump was a pile of unsorted garbage in a landfill, often with parts of it burning and billowing smoke and stink. Thankfully these days they sort out a lot of the garbage and recycle it where possible – so they are now referred to using the politically correct term “waste management centre” and while this is great, dump fees now reflect the cost associated with the recycling process, so they are not cheap. Getting the garbage to the dump can also be a challenge and unless you have a dump truck/trailer that tips – and can be very time consuming on both ends.

Option 2: Hands on rubbish removal services

Many companies offer a “hands on” rubbish pick-up service, which means that they come to you and load up your garbage and take it away. These companies often charge by the cubic metre so if you can compact what you have down and you don’t have a whole lot of rubbish to get rid of it can actually work out quite economical and save a lot of hassle.

Option 3: Get yourself a Dump Bin (Dumpster / skip bin)

If you have a renovation project or a large cleanout planned nothing beats the faithful dumpster. The upside is that you can work out roughly what sort of volume of garbage/builders waste you might generate and order the bin size that will suit. It also means you have somewhere for the garbage to go while you are cleaning so you don’t end up double-handling everything.

Dump bins can often work out the most economical and labour saving option for larger amounts and its really easy to get a quote for a bin fast to help make your decision. Just visit the “skip bin” page to select a bin and get a quote or the “site bin” page if you need a dump bin for a building site – too easy. We would love to hear from you to discuss the options with you if you are in Sydney, just call 1300 386 748.

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