Skip Bin Hire Sydney

by 1300dumpIT on May 26, 2017

Skip Bin Hire SydneyHiring a skip bin is one of the cheapest and easiest ways in achieving a successful rubbish cleanup. Apart from homeowners, various types of individuals are also seeing the advantages of using skip bins in their cleanup process. These include builders, tradesmen, warehouse keepers, landscapers and other sectors of industry.

If you are landscaping, renovating or simply looking for a fast and budget-friendly way to dispose your rubbish, using a skip bin can just be your best bet. There are skip bins that are usually available for most kinds of residential rubbish. These can include paper and cardboard; steel; timber; sand; surplus building materials (packaging, off-cuts, etc.); building rubble (bricks, concrete, etc.); household items (broken furniture and more); and organic waste (branches, grass, etc.).

Types of Skip Bin

You can find that there are several types of skip bin for hire that will surely fit your rubbish cleanup needs. Our company, 1300dumpIT, offers up to 6 types for you to choose from. These are the mini bin (holds 2 tonnes); four (holds 4 tonnes); 9.5 metre (holds 11 tonnes); 13 metre (holds 15 tonnes); 17 metre bin and 27 metre bin.

We also have several vehicle types which are all equipped with a lift system and other unique features to match all types of rubbish for pickup. These include the skip truck, the large morell, crane truck and 8-wheeler truck.

Why Hire a Skip Bin

Using a skip bin is definitely one of the smartest things we can do as far as efficiency and quality of rubbish cleanup is concerned. In order to be more specific, let’s take a closer look at the several reasons why hiring a skip bin is a good move.

It is cost saving. Now that we have revealed the various types of skip bins that are available, we’d like to add that these skip bins are also among the cheapest that you can find. Not only will it allow you to save time and ensure a hassle-free rubbish collection, our skip bins will also save you a lot of money since you can be assured of being free from dumping charges and paying for a hired trailer.

It is flexible. When we talk about being flexible, it refers to the ability of using skip bins in a wide scope of rubbish collection. With the many types of skip bins and trucks available in our company, we can assure our customers that the skip bins are delivered to their desired location.

It promotes waste management. Using skip bins is one of the best ways to manage occasional volumes of rubbish. Whether you tend to accumulate rubbish once or several times a year, you can be sure that your waste can be collected without worrying about proper timing. That means you can plan other things that matter and go on with your daily activities with no interference.

To get the most out of hiring a skip bin, simply call our office at 1300dumpIT (1300 386 748) and talk to our friendly customer service team. If you prefer doing things online, you can visit our site and send us an email by filling in our online form. We promise to send a reply ASAP along with a non-obligation estimate.

Mini Skips Sydney

by 1300dumpIT on May 22, 2017

Mini Skips SydneyHiring mini skips is ideal for any domestic type of cleaning such as small building project cleanups, garden cleanups and property changes and alterations. Mini skips have the advantage of being designed with a compact size which makes it easier to load them in smaller and lighter vehicles. As a result, the removal of waste becomes easier in areas where there is difficulty of access among large trucks.

Other cleanup sites where using mini skips can be really effective would include shopping malls, townhouses, small commercial establishments and yard cleanups.

Ways to Use Mini Skips

Whatever small cleanup projects you may have in the house or at your business, you can always rely on using mini skips to keep your waste at bay. Our team at 1300dumpIT understands the importance of providing a reliable skip bin hiring service for every rubbish size and cleaning situation.

Here are just some of the many ways that you can take advantage of our mini skips for hiring.

1. Use mini skips when throwing away furniture and carpet.
2. Use mini skips when cleaning up builders rubbish.
3. Use mini skips when cleaning up home renovation projects.
4. Use mini skips when removing rocks, rubble and clay.
5. Use mini skips when clearing out the garden shed.
6. Use mini skips when excavating huge amounts of soil.
7. Use mini skips when removing green rubbish such as garden waste.
8. Use mini skips when throwing away huge rubbish items.

Unsuitable Items

While it is true that mini skips can be very versatile when it comes to rubbish cleanup, there are certain rubbish items that should never be placed in any types of skips. These would include explosive materials, liquids such as wet paint, poisons, chemicals and fine dusty substances that are uncontained.

We offer mini skip bins for hire that have the dimensions of 1.7 x 1.16 x 1.0 metre. Some notable features include WorkCover that has been approved for crane lifting, lids, and fork handling capabilities. Our mini skips are usually paired with certain truck system such as large morell, skip and crane.

Mini Skips for Various Cleanup Projects

Whatever cleanup projects you have in mind, simply call our team at 1300dumpIT to take advantage of our mini skips for hire. Using our mini skips can save you from borrowing trailers and doing multiple trips to the tip, thereby allowing you to save up on cleaning costs and services. With our convenient and no frills approach, you can enjoy a hassle free cleanup project as many times possible in a year.

For other details such as pricing and location, simply call our office at 1300 386 748 to talk to our friendly customer service team and get a non-obligation quote. This means that you have no obligation to proceed in hiring mini skips after getting a price estimate on the service.

You can also use our online form at the site where you can leave your contact details. We promise to contact you as soon as we can.

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