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by 1300dumpIT on May 10, 2017

Renovation Skip BinsThinking about doing some renovations in your home or in the office? Statistical records show that up to 58 percent of homeowners would usually undergo home renovations within a ten-year period. Based on these records, it is safe to assume that doing home renovations would entail disposing a huge chunk of waste and rubbish materials at the end of the project.

Hiring a renovation skip bin is probably the easiest and cheapest way to get rid of accumulated waste from a home renovation project. Renovation skip bins can help keep in keeping everything environment friendly, neat and tidy. When everything else has been tidied up, it is easier to come up with a good waste management plan to ensure that the renovation process is not only successful but is also responsibly executed.

Things to Consider When Hiring A Skip

Launching a renovation project has the risk of failing to consider left over wastes up front. Most of the time, renovators would resort to using bulk waste containers for storing waste materials which are bound for removal at a later date.

While it is true that homeowners would conduct a renovation project in order to improve their homes, a large portion of the project that also needs attention is the cleaning up process and the disposal of waste as an end result. With this in mind, it is therefore important to consider the types of waste you are expecting to accumulate up front in order to determine the appropriate size of skip bin to use.

Some types of waste materials that you can consider would include packaging from a newly purchased furniture or vanity; existing tiles that are bound for removal; concrete or bricks from a patio; damaged plaster board, asbestos and fibro.

By creating a list of waste items that you intend to get rid of, it is then easier to determine the type of skip bins you would need for putting in your accumulated waste. This way, skip bin hiring service providers can easily help in providing the best and most appropriate skip bins for your renovation wastes.

Size and Volume

Now that you’ve determined the types of waste items that your renovation project is producing, it is also essential to understand the amount of waste that you’ll accumulate within the entire renovation process.

If you’re renovating just a single room in your house, bins at 2m3 to 3m3 should be appropriate. These bins are relatively small but should be able to provide enough space for your disposal needs.

If you’re renovating several rooms in the house or a small commercial space, you can use 4m3 to 6m3 skip bins.

Renovation works involving multiple floors of a building or any heavy industrial renovation would require bins of at least 10m3 to 30m3.

By identifying the types of waste and the volume that will be accumulated at the end of the renovation project, you can definitely decide between hiring a smaller skip bin or a larger one that has opening doors at the rear. It can also help you to save money, time and space whenever you feel the need to conduct a renovation project.

To get the most out of your home renovation, you can call us at 1300dumpIT (1300 386 748) and get a free quote on our renovation skip bin hiring services. Alternatively, you can also use our online form and leave your contact details so we’d know how to reach you.

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